Navy SEALS Workout Uses Bodyweight Exercises Exclusively

Published: 18th January 2012
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The Navy SEALS Workout is largely compromised of bodyweight exercises.

Weight lifting is not used because it tends to use up too much time and space. Also, Navy SEALS Workouts are for building lean muscle, not bulky muscle.

As a result, bodyweight exercises just like the ones listed below are used:

Abdominal Leg raises. This bodyweight exercise involves lieing down on your side, with one hand held behind your head and one hand on the floor for support. To do the exercise raise the upper of your legs up to the ceiling whilst still lieing on your side. As you do so push your torso forwards towards your legs. Hold the end position for one or two seconds, then lower your legs and repeat. The second where you pause in the exercise is very challenging and helps stabilize that core.

T Stretch (Chest). This is a stretching exercise for the chest and should be done before and after workouts. It is very simple to do. Stand in an upright position and raise your hands to either side so that you form a T shape. Your palms should be facing the sky. And then gently stretch you arms backwards as far as you can go so that you start to feel a stretch in your chest. Only go as far back as is comfortable to give a nice mild stretch across your pectorial muscles. Hold the stretch for approximately 20 seconds. Another good way to use this chest stretching exercise is to do it just before a major chest exercise such as push ups or a bench press. This will mean that you will be pre-exhausting your chest muscles (tiring them out a bit before hand) to make the major chest exercise even more challenging.

Weighted Ab Crunches. This is a variation on the abdominal crunch where you hold a light weight in each hand. If this is a home workout then you can just grab some soup cans or bottles of water for this. Lie flat on your back with arms outstretched behind your head so that you are literally spread out from head to toe. Then for the first movement you move your left leg towards your body and at the same time move your left arm towards you leg. Let the left arm touch the right leg and then return to the starting position. Repeat this for the right arm and leg for the next rep, and repeat. The main thing with this exercise is that it is your abs that are causing the movement. Really focus on contracting your abdominal muscles. It is more than just a case of moving your arms and legs towards one another.

Sit-ups. Sit-ups are often associated with helping to get six pack abs, but in reality they are more suited for improving muscular endurance and not toning muscles. Sit-ups are often a military style boot camp exercise to improve the period of time over which an individual can maintain an intense level of exercise for. They are recommended if you take part in sports, have military or police ambitions, or want to improve your endurance and give yourself a good cardio workout. But if you are looking to build the abs then crunches may be more appropriate. The main differences between sit-ups and crunches is that a situp takes your upper body all the way over to your legs and it is a quick movement. Crunches are done much more slowly and you only lift your shoulder off the ground for a few inches.

To learn more about the Navy SEALS Workout, visit the NAVY SEALS Workout informational site.

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